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Red Lipstick for Maximum Dark Under-Eye Coverage

Today, in a Christian Ladies group on Facebook that I’m a member of, a tutorial for dark under-eye coverage was posted. What caught my eye, and made this particular tutorial special, was that the lady in the video used red lipstick to aid in covering it up!   “How in the world does that work?” […]

Water Only Hair Washing Update! 3/13-4/13

Update #1 “The Sebum Experiement” Do any of you remember the cartoon “Pepper Ann“? I would casually watch it as a kid whenever it was on. (Too young to really understand shows like that.) One scene that I recall is when Pepper Ann became very¬† lazy for whatever reason, and stopped bathing. She came into […]

Water-Only Hair Washing

“Wow, you have really pretty hair! What’s your secret?” I don’t use any shampoo. “Oh, so you only use conditioners? No.. “Soap?” No. Only water. Yes, it’s true. I only use water on my hair. I went from the shampoo-condition norm, to breaking free and using kitchen supplies to clean my hair, and then to […]

“No ‘Poo” Updated #2

It’s been a while since my last post on my No ‘Poo experimentation. It’s been quite a journey since my absence! I have stuck with it, with some breaks in-between because I love experimenting with my hair. (In a natural, non-harmful way, of course.) I have tried….

“No Poo” Method: Official Check Up #1

I have been following the “No Poo” method of washing my hair for a while now. I can’t exactly remember when I started, but it has been at least six or eight months. Quite a gap, I know. The fact that shampoos contained terrible chemicals that could harm your health and your hair is was […]

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