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How To Remove Grease Stains

One problem with cooking and eating a lot of butter, coconut oil, bacon grease, etc. is you have a tendency to stain up your clothing. Or, at least, I do. Sure, this could be avoided by wearing an apron, or old clothing when cooking, but that’s beside the point. (Or is it?) Just this past […]

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Blogember 5:¬†Share a favorite recipe. One of my favorite breakfasts is chocolate chip pancakes. My favorite way to eat them is plain; maybe with a little butter on top. I find the chocolate makes the pancake rich enough for me to enjoy by itself. The rest of my family prefers it topped with peanut butter […]

Proverbs 31: Entrepreneurship

“I am an avid book collector. I enjoy the hobbies of knitting and sewing. One of my greatest passions is being a help to others. As some of you may know, I help a lady friend from church clean a house every other Friday. I was originally considered and hired to enable her to clean […]

Cannin’ Butter and Bein’ Ladies

The other day, a dear friend of mine, Anne, and I decided to can some of her Amish butter. Anne orders from a local food co-op monthly, and it seems that she’s regularly getting Amish butter. (I don’t blame her none. I mean, that stuff is semi-solid gold.) She normally sticks them in the freezer […]

Organize Your Tea Collection with Mason Jars!

My family enjoys tea. Cranberry, Raspberry, English, Echinacea, Grapefruit/Starfruit Mix, Blueberry, Liption Chamomile, Lavendar Chai, Apple-Cinnamon Spice, White Tea with Mint Essence…we love’em all! We all have different tastes and preferences, and our collection shows it. The downside to having such a large collection is storage space. So far the best we’ve done is just […]

Old Fashioned Southern Banana Pie!

Pinterest is just full of goodies and treats, isn’t it? You can’t escape spending some time on Pinterest without running into recipes that look positively delectable, and you can’t help but develop nagging cravings and then binging on some kind of treat in your house even though it’s not as good as what you saw […]

Who will be my Role Model?

For this month on Instagram, I decided to join a photo challenge. Each day brings a new theme, in which you then must provide a picture for. I have joined multiple photo challenges before, but I never completed them. I only managed a week or so with the in February. One of my goals for […]

Preserved Lemons

I love lemons. I love their fresh look, fresh scent, and fresh taste. But my Dad can’t stand the smell of them. (Allergies.) So I have to get creative, so I can keep lemons around. This is where I thank Pinterest.

Product Review: Wonder Washer!

If any of you were familiar with my Pinterest account, you would know that I have a massive Hope Chest List board. It’s filled with all the things I dream and hope to have in my future. A lot of it is books; books to educate myself in; to educate any possible future children; to […]

Whole Wheat Brownies

I want brownies. But healthy brownies. They probably won’t be as nutritional as eating raw vegetables, but I need a treat once in a while. Especially since I have dropped all white flour and white sugar, I have not had anything like that for a long time But for me to eat a brownie, it […]

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