Book Review: “Black is Beautiful” by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman


and UFO’s,

For the past two weeks I have been reading Dr. Peter S. Ruckman’s book “Black is Beautiful.” (“This book is not about black people.” – Preface, page 1.) This is a classic by Ruckman (what book of his isn’t?) that discusses the haunting subjects of aliens, UFO’s, mutant-monsters, mysterious disappearances, abductions, government involvement in all of these activities, with history, science, and the Bible to back it all up.

The book contains 11 chapters, is 350 pages long, and contains some illustrations and charts within its pages. The first day I sat down and read it, I read 100 pages. I then had to take two days off just to let the information absorb and to think about what I just read.

Many people might mock Ruckman over some of the beliefs he holds, and the stance he takes, on some of these issues. I mean, aliens? Really? UFO’s? MUTANTS?? We live in the 21st century. Those things have been debunked; we know better now. We’re much more intelligent, and have a better understanding of what those occurrences really mean, and have better explanations as to what really happened in the past. (Read: Blame religion.)

If you’re an avid follower of the “Fundamentalists media” (as Ruckman calls them), then I can see why you might hold that mindset. When do you ever hear reports of UFO’s, alien sightings, mysterious disappearances, and other strange activity in the news, other than to mock or discredit someone or something? You rarely ever do.

In “Black is Beautiful,” Ruckman lays out the case. He gives multiple different timelines, historic events, illustrations, records, and news stories to show what’s really going on in the world, and what HAS been going on in the world. When you read all of this in a Biblical mindset, a lot of it makes sense, and really adds to your perspective regarding world events and the Bible.

Do you remember learning about the Greek gods in school? The black plague in the 14th century? Mythological creatures in the different cultures around the world? There’s something to all of that. They’re all connected somehow. (Ruckman shows the ties.)

The most important quality in this book is the fact that Ruckman is a Bible believer, and he never fails to mention the Book, and how it’s thousands of years ahead of its time, when discussing these topics.

Aliens? In the Bible.
“Portals” around the world? In the Bible.
Human and animal crossbreeding? In the Bible.
Government cover ups? Once again, in the Bible.

This book is deep. I mean, really deep. While I have technically finished reading this book, I’ll have to visit it one or two more times just to come close to fully absorbing the material. I didn’t even attempt to look up every scripture reference given in the book. That would be a whole separate project to tackle.

If you want a black (ha!) and white report on the truth of “extra-terrestrial” involvement, government conspiracies, and why BLACK has such important signifigance in the world and religious matters (such as the Roman Catholic Church), consider giving “Black is Beautiful” by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman a chance.

You’ll never look at the world the same again.

(Or, at least the color black.)


(This book can be purchased at Dr. Peter S. Ruckman’s online bookstore:, or the physical store located in Pensacola, Florida.)

P.S. When reading, you might find this song and/or this song comforting and/or relative.


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