Outfits for the Season(s): Summer, Fall, and Winter 2013

Some *star* outfits from 2013 that can be found on my Instagram. :]


ootd4This outfit is probably one of my most favorite outfits to wear in the warmer months. The skirt is very light, and airy. It’s the boldest patterned skirt I own! It was bought for my step-brothers weddings a few years back. I can wear almost any color with it; brown, pink, green, purple (seen here), red, etc. I can dress it up, or dress it down. If I want a nicer casual outfit, I’ll normally wear nicer shoes, such as these leather Mary Janes. If I want a more casual outfit, I’ll wear regular flats, or moccasins.

ootd5Floral button up top, tucked into a nice denim skirt (button up), and a braided fashion belt. This was for Sunday morning church. I might have wore a straw hat with it, I can’t recall. 




That green cami I am wearing under that shirt has become a stable for when when layer. It’s very thin, so it doesn’t make me too hot when I wear it, and it’s very long so it’s easy to create that layered look. The skirt is the only khaki skirt I own that I like. It was a hand-me-down from a friend. It’s made out of cargo-like material.

We had a weird fall this year. Winter came extremely early. We had snow in October, and freezing temperatures greeted us in November. (We shouldn’t have been so surprised when the Polar Vortex came upon us in January.) I only have one official “Fall” outfit for 2013. All the other times I dressed to survive. LOL


ootd2This was on laundry day, and the only two clean things I had in my closet. Besides the wrinkled skirt, I thought it turned out to be a pretty okay oufit. Later, I donned my brown fur boots and called it a day. lol The grey sweater is very versatile. I’ll also wear it with my flared jean skirt (has not been pictured yet), and layer it with a long sleeve shirt or a cami.

ootd1One of my nicer outfits. The jean skirt is my shortest denim skirt I own. It’s dark in color, and flared at the bottom. I’ll wear it with a pair of boots and leggings. The top is a somewhat sheer red top that I’ll layer with a red tank top underneath.

nyoThe shirt in this picture may look similar to the one in the first picture, but it’s not! I got it for Christmas. It’s a long sleeved, V-neck. One of my FAVORITE shirts right now. I’ll wear it with my white linen skirt (pictured here) and my flared denim skirt. The shoes here was a Christmas present, as well. They’re suede, grey flats with a flapped top. It has tiny little studs on top. The black cardigan was a Christmas present as well. I love my cardigans.


The warmer months are harder for me to dress since you can’t layer as well, which limits what you actually wear.

In 2013, my appreciation for cardigans, scarves, and layering with tank tops grew.

That sums it up for 2013! I wasn’t loyal in taking a picture of every *star* outfit of mine, but I take comfort that perhaps I’m not as vain as I think myself to be. 😉

I plan to turn these posts into essentials for a modest wardrobe according to the season, so it’s not just me sharing my outfits, lol. (Athough, some of you do appreciate them!)

Next to Come: Winter Outfits.


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