5 Unique Facts About Myself

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5 Unique Facts About Myself

  1. While I love decorating using country themes, I don’t really like burlap. I like it here, and there, every once in a while. If you’re on Pinterest for any length of time, you’d see it’s like the main theme for most decorations, DIY projects, events, etc. Particularly for weddings. It’s in my opinion that if you have burlap for the table runner, you don’t need it around vases, bouquets, as jar toppers, on the greeting cards, bows, sachets, etc. Burlap is neat, and a great shabby chic material, but use it sparingly and wisely. It loses its charm when it’s put EVERYWHERE. (I feel like this may have been a personal PSA. lol)
  2. I don’t take pain killers. I can think of two instances when I have taken pain killers in the last five years. I feel that pain has its place and purpose, and if I can handle it, I won’t dull it. I will use natural methods and supplements when I experience pain, but the purpose is to heal the source than rid me of the pain. Granted, I have no major health ailments, but I’ve developed a high tolerance of pain as a result.
  3. I’m a loner. I’m not going to try and paint myself up to be this heavily introverted, unique character that no one understands. While there are many “introverts” out there, I list it as a unique fact because I can just as easily surround myself around people, and thrive just as well. I’m at my happiest, though, when I’m alone, or with a special someone. I prefer quality over quantity. My vision of a perfect evening is with a book, writing, researching, listening to music, or chatting with a good friend.
  4. I wear skirts 90% of the time. Not out of any major conviction, or demand from my Dad, or church. I just like skirts better. I think most women look 10 times better in a skirt than they do in pants. Wearing a skirt is an art, regardless what people say. I hear a lot of people say “I can’t do that in a skirt.” and I think, “I can. Women did 50+ years ago.” What’s changed? It’s like wearing high heels; most women do not wear heels the way they did in the past. If I put on heels, I probably couldn’t even walk down the street. Someone who wore heels more often most likely could do a better job than me. It takes practice, experience, and time. However, there are occasions where I will have to wear pants, and that’s where the other 10% comes in. 😉
  5. I’m not a night owl, nor am I a morning bird. I was a night owl; I’ve never been a morning bird. A good bed time for me is before 10:30PM, and a good wake up time for me is 8AM. I would rather stay up all night than to wake up really early. This has been a recent development; I’ve been a night owl my whole life. Perhaps it was during my efforts of developing discipline and waking up on time, or listening to my body’s cues and going to be when I was tired that changed that. It was a gradual change. The predicament is I’m not sure what to call myself now. Hm..

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  1. leeonandrew · · Reply

    This is a great article. I may write an article on my blog about 5 unique facts about myself.

    Before I was saved I didn’t have much friends and now that I’m saved I have noticed people slowly backing away from me because I’m a Christian and a Bible believer. I am naturally shy and quiet and most people don’t seem to take the time to get to know me. From a young age my parents didn’t allow me to go out and hangout with other kids and was always I stayed at home. The only time I got to communicate with people other than my parents and brother was in school. So this is why I find it difficult to really open up to new people. But I really like your blog, I have come across a few interesting articles. Will look forward to your next post.


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