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Blogember 9: 5 favorite places to shop online.

1. eBay

After leaving Amazon, I soon discovered eBay. Initially, I had used it to check out phone cases. They had such a wide variety, and fairly cheap! (2 weeks to arrive, but hey, that’s what you get for ordering something from South Korea..) I really like the idea that you can support small shop owners, or individuals trying to make a buck. In fact, I sell some stuff on eBay occasionally! I’ve had a great experience being an eBay shopper and seller.

You do have to constantly check back on eBay since they normally do not keep a regular stock of certain items. (So if you are wanting to buy a book, you may have to search for it once or twice a week for a never know when it could be listed.) I love the “Watch List” feature. It gives me time to decide whether or not I’ll purchase the item, and see if there are any bids or not! Key: I want it cheap.

2. Etsy

I do not shop on Etsy too often, particularly due to the prices and I haven’t had the need to purchase crafty items recently. However, Christmas is coming up..and if you every want a unique gift for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, etc. Etsy is the place to go! And wouldn’t you know, a friend and I have a shop on Etsy, too! 😉

There are so many neat features on Etsy. You can search by color, whether it’s local, homemade, antique, etc. I’ve had a great experience shopping and buying there, as well. The sellers are normally very friendly and communicate very well. I have always been impressed with Etsy sellers packaging; always packed in a unique and neat way, normally accompanied with a personal note!


Since I no loner shop at Amazon, and eBay does not always contain a (reliable) stock of herbs, vitamins, and other natural products, I had to find a replacement. Well, I had found iHerb before my Amazon abandonment, thankfully. I actually purchased some items cheaper on iHerb than what I would have gotten them from Amazon! While they may not carry everything Amazon lists, they do carry some things Amazon does not list. It balances out.

They are very reasonable in their prices, I have found. They have free 1-3 day shipping for items over $20! That is awesome! I loved the $25 free shipping offered by Amazon. I’ve also gotten free samples multiple times from iHerb, and on my first purchase I received $10 off! (Want the same opportunity? Use this code when you make your first order: MZK340)

4. Bible Baptist Bookstore

If you know me well you’ll know that I enjoy Dr. Peter S. Ruckman’s teachings. He has done so much for the Lord, and has so much to offer for Christians. Of course, I do not agree with everything he says; he’s not right 100% of the time. (He’s human, after all.) We are commanded to test the spirits (1 John 1:4), act as the Bereans did (Acts 17:11), and compare scripture with scripture (Isaiah 28:10). (I’m giving this disclaimer since this is the first time I believe I have mentioned his name on my blog. I will now be using this for future reference, thank you.)

Bible Baptist Bookstore has so many good resources. Just recently my Dad got me a book and three DVD’s from the bookstore. The book was GREAT, and I’ve watched one of the DVD’s; “The Motherhood of God” by Peter Ruckman. I’m looking forward to watching the rest, and re-reading the book.

They just recently revamped the shop. Before it was hard to use, and you couldn’t link to anything. Now it’s super easy to use and search, and now you CAN link to different items! May the Lord bless 1) whoever decided to revamp the site and 2) whoever did revamp the site.

5. Modesty Shops

Here on Written For My Learning, I have a page that lists different shops that offer modesty clothing or patterns. While I haven’t shopped at every one of them, I hope to sooner or later. 😉 Consider giving it a look-see.



  1. Great list! Thank you!

    1. You’re welcome!

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