Outfits for the Season: SPRING! 2013

Here’s a few things about myself when it comes to clothes.

  1. I am over my jeans and t-shirt fad. Can’t do it no’ mo’.
  2. I prefer wearing skirts, especially ones with pockets.
  3. I either go barefoot or wear my moccasins.
  4. If I like the outfit, I will wear it over, and over, and over again. Shamelessly.
  5. The neck line cannot come too close to my neck, or I feel claustrophobic.
  6. I love wearing black.
  7. I love the prairie chic style.

My style tends to be somewhat old fashioned, simple, comfortable, and (I would like to say) feminine.

As far as dressing feminine goes, I’ve seen some recent articles regarding the issue of dressing down, or trying to feel more comfortable, while dressing feminine and modest. Well,

The past month I took pictures of the common outfits I wore to offer you all a glimpse of my closet. (I know, so exciting!!!!) I figured it would give you a picture of what I consider to be modest, feminine, and my what my style might be.

I also wanted to list which items were thrifted, and information regarding the other garments. Not to brag or show off, but to show that you can dress decently, modest, feminine, and comfortable on a low budget.

Even if you can afford more expensive items, the options you have at the thrift store just work better, in my experience. You get a wider range of styles; more modest options; cheaper; and some of the things they carry are brand new! Tags still on them! I figure, with the money you save shopping more frugally, you can put towards savings, paying off debts, or other ways that glorifies God.

So here we go.


Here you see my newly favorite light, denim skirt (high waist), my it’s-really-a-night-shirt black top. This is my to-go outfit. If I don’t wear this denim skirt, I’ll wear my heavier button up denim skirt.
Thrifted: Skirt.
Other: Top was a gift, hat was at a discounted price.


I love this outfit. It feels/looks very Spring-like to me! It also reminds me of the beach. As you can probably tell, the outfit is a little wrinkled. This was Sunday morning before church, and I was doing my usual out-fit swaps. These was still laying in the laundry basket. A sign that I need to get some experience ironing.
Thrifted: Skirt, undershirt.
Other: Top – KMart clearance item.


This was my favorite outfit last year! (The same outfit in my Stay At Home Daughterhood post.) I hadn’t worn it in a long time, and I was reminded why I love it.
First off, that skirt is my #1 skirt. Secondly, I like wearing purple and gray, so while I don’t get the chance very often, this outfit gives me that chance. And thirdly, if it’s cool, the cardigan works great but if it’s hot, there’s a thick-strapped tank op underneath.
Thrifted: Skirt (saved $30 compared to buying new), tank top.
Other: Cardigan was a gift from my Dad.


I really like this outfit. The white + blue combo reminds me of purity. This outfit also reminds me of the beach. Perhaps it’s the style of plaid? Not sure. The skirt is an old fashioned linen skirt. The front is a button up, but I prefer to have it on the side. It’s supposed to be high waist, but it’s a little bigger and rests on my hips; from midi-length to full length.
Thrifted: Skirt.
Other: Top, not sure. I believe it was my sisters’ shirt that I took. Free for me, anyways!


This is a recent outfit I put together. I really like it. This is my heavier, button up denim skirt that I love – it has pockets. It’s light, simple, Springish, and feminine. One of my nicer outfits.
Thrifted: Skirt, cardigan (which was originally one of my sisters’)
Other: Tank top – buy 4 to get a reduced price. I believe it was K-Mart.


Here’s a real simple, comfortable, decently casual outfit. Weirdly enough, whenever I wear this outfit, I love wearing my green floral apron with it. I think it matches, for whatever reason. I love the color combination, and the material on the shirt is very soft and light.
Thrifted: Skirt, see above.
Other: Top, gifted.


Here’s a nice Spring/Summer outfit. What makes it is the white-tied jacket. I actually upcycled that from one of my old work shirts! The tank top’s straps are a little too thin for my taste, but it needs layering anyways, so I normally pair it with a white or grey tank with thicker straps. A nice church outfit, I think.
Thrifted: Skirt, see above.
Other: Tank tops, b0g0 deals. Tied-jacket, upcycled.


Aaaand my gardening outfit!
Don’t judge me. It works, okay?
Thrift Store: Whole outfit, save for the hat.
Other: Hat – see above.

This covers my fashion from the months of March to the middle of May.

While I love my outfits, and making myself look acceptable and decent (in my own way), as a woman I must remind myself that I mustn’t just adorn myself outwardly in a way that pleases God, but also in an outward manner.

“In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works.”
1 Timothy 2:9-10

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  1. Lara W. · · Reply

    Very cute! LOVE the hat! Keep it up!

    1. Thank you so much! 😀

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