Quick Update + Apology

I had big plans for March, didn’t I? Obviously they didn’t pull through.

With the book challenge, I decided March would have to be reading month, and April the written review month. Unfortunately, not much reading was done, and my laptop bit the dust.

My hard drive just stopped working. My laptop runs. I’m thinking that I may just replace the hard drive. Otherwise, I may get a desktop. They last longer, from my experience. I did get two years out of it!

I have a couple projects to post and upload, but I don’t have good access to a computer to do so. I’m posting this via my iPhone. I may upload a few short posts from here, but it’s not a very efficient way to write decent posts. My recent long comments on Facebook are evidence of such. LOL

Once I solve my computer dilemma, I plan to (periodically) post book reviews, projects, and other things that have been delayed.

So, my apologies for not being on for quite some time and not giving an update! It wouldn’t have been such a big deal if I hadn’t implied that there would have been a series last March.

As for the March of Men written on For Unmarried Christian Ladies, I enjoyed it! It was very thought provoking. I kept a notebook, wrote down my answers, and anything learned and observed. It reminded me to become more accountable with my relationship with men.

Additional updates include gardening! I have started some seeds outside in containers using the Winter Sowing method (kind of). I realized I didn’t have some of the seeds I needed, but it’s still early in the season. The cold weather did me some service, otherwise I would be in trouble!

I have started three types of tomatoes, sunflowers, marigolds, and cayenne peppers. I hope to start some bell peppers, additional flowers, and whatever else I can think of! The theme foe my garden this year is “Survival”. Any kind of crop that does well with low maintenance, in a need of a survival situation!

I also started some potatoes in potato towers! First year of actually growing potatoes in a decent way! One is using dirt, the other only hay. We’ll see how it goes. I hop to have maybe two more towers. I want to be able to properly stock them this year!

Another project with the garden I’ll be doing this year is building the soil. I’ve used hay has mulch and fertilizer, but I have hopes of getting manure and starting some compost this year.

I should also be doing some sewing, using some tutorials from Pinterest. I have done one successfully before that I should upload on here.

I’m also catching up on my Midwifery studies. I enjoy some, and then others rack my brain. With my view of education, my goal just to just LEARN, absorb as much as I can, and to not stress about it.

I need to figure out how to turn my Midwifery Pinterest board into a list…I think I’ve seen a way to convert it to .pdf before..I have done so much self-study, but I haven’t really kept track. This is where my experience with Home Schooling comes in handy!

That’s all for now. Wanted to clue you all in.

Many blessings!


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