Preserved Lemons

I love lemons.

I love their fresh look, fresh scent, and fresh taste.

But my Dad can’t stand the smell of them. (Allergies.)

So I have to get creative, so I can keep lemons around.

This is where I thank Pinterest.

I have seen, and repinned, this pin from the blog Food Gal that’s been going around about preserving lemons in salt. The picture looks gorgeous, and it seems so easy I can’t help but want to try it!


First, you cut the lemons in fourths (after washing them); two cuts through the lemon. You then take Kosher salt (I used fine sea salt, and have also seen people using coarse sea salt) and sprinkle it on the lemon, filling every crevice. I patted and gently massaged it into the lemon. You don’t want to break or squeeze it.

After each slice was finished, I put it into a pint jar. One by one, it all got packed in, save for one. With that last slice I squeezed in the juice, and then scraped the left over sea salt into the jar.


It looks so pretty! I cannot wait to see how it transforms these next few weeks. It’ll take 3 weeks to a month for it to finish, and then I’m supposed to stick it in the fridge. The goal is for it to look glossy, with no mold.

On the blog “Eating from the Ground Up“, she states that these preserved lemons are so delicious, she eats them straight out of the jar! Granted, she does use a slightly different recipe. If this batch goes good, I’ll be willing to try out her method.

One recipe I would like to try out once the lemons are preserved is Beef with Olives and Preserved Lemon‘s recipe. I bet you could even convert this to a crock pot recipe!

According to “Serious Eats“, preserved lemon is the secret ingredient to most Moroccan recipes, but can be experimented in other recipes that include olives or lemons. You’re supposed to give the lemons a quick rinse, and if the flavor is too strong, you can blanch them for a bit.

If you have some extra lemons laying around, give this a try! Especially if they’re starting to look old, and don’t want them to go to mold.



  1. Glad you’re trying your hand at making your own. It’s really easy and fun to watch the transformation. You’ll find all sorts of things to use your preserved lemons in, even tuna salad sandwiches, vinaigrettes and grilled seafood.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I’m quite excited, and can’t wait to experiment!

      Is the flavor very concentrated? Have you used it in any baked goods?

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