Product Review: Wonder Washer!

If any of you were familiar with my Pinterest account, you would know that I have a massive Hope Chest List board. It’s filled with all the things I dream and hope to have in my future. A lot of it is books; books to educate myself in; to educate any possible future children; to give guidance to my husband and I as we care for a home and family; cookbooks; and handy books filled with practical tips. Some are religious, some not. But all of them are there to cultivate the my own mind, and the minds around me. It’s also filled with Off the Grid household items. (It’s a particular dream of mine to live “Off the Grid”.)

One day, as I was Pinteresting, I received a notification that someone commented on the Wonder Washer pin in my Hope Chest List board. The comment was from a lovely lady, offering me her own Wonder Washer! It was arranged, and a couple months later, it arrived at the Post Office. (It was funny because I brought a pulley with me, and had a couple people offer to help me with it. Luckily, while it was very large, it was also very light!) When it was opened, there it was. Wonder Washer, plus accessories, and two books included!

It was a blessing for me to receive it, and will forever be grateful for the kind gift bestowed upon me.

Shortly after I received it, it was arranged that I would visit my grandparents for about a week, so giving it a go had to be postponed until I came back. But while I was gone, guess what happened? Our washer went out! Yes, terrible for my family members, but I was excited! It gave me a legitimate chance to try out my Wonder washer! It was a few days before I came back when it happened, and it’s still not fixed. (Motor problems, should be fixed this week, Lord willing.)

Two days after I came home (today), it was partially sunny and windy outside, and not too cold. Perfect day (considering it’s February) to hang out some wash. With anticipation, I got my Wonder Wash ready.


I had about two loads to do, and this was the first. I managed to fit in all the clothes, save for a couple items. I didn’t want to overdo it.

The first step of the process is to assemble your Wonder Washer. When I received mine, it was already assembled, but it came with directions (through pictures) on how to assemble it. All that needs to be assembled is the stand that fits on the machine, and the handle. There are some small pieces that keep the stand together, and the handle on the machine. Very basic set-up.

Before continuing with washing, you should check the warnings provided on the directions. You are warned:

  • Not to use boiling water.
  • Not to release the pressure lid on the machine after washing until the machine cools down, because a vacuum seal can form.
  • Not to overload the machine.
  • Not to have the lid tightly sealed when stored.
  • To keep the machine and detergents safely away from children and pets. (Please ignore photo below…)

We use hypoallergenic, scent/fragrance free detergent in this house. I have yet to make my own, but I’m hoping to soon!

Keeping these warnings in mind, add hot (but not boiling) water to the machine (3 quarts for my load; I just filled it up halfway), and then the detergent (2 tbsps). Fit the pressure lid on top, turn clockwise until it can’t turn any more, and then tighten the pressure knob until completely tight. Next attach the handle, and begin cranking!


Before spinning, remember to add the clothes. Unlike what I did in this picture. It was completely empty save for water and detergent. “Boy, this is easier than I thought!”

The fullest load you can do is 4.84 pounds of laundry, which requires only TWO minutes of spinning! For my load, it was 1.25 minutes. It’s advised to spin once per second. I set my timer, to be precise, and spun away. My tips here is to keep good posture, and to use correct breathing patterns. It’s not too hard, but once you get to your third load, it can tire you out.


Once the spinning is done, it’s time to drain, and get ready for the rinse!

The machine has suction cups at the bottom of the stand, so if you’re able you can do this in the bathroom, next to your sink, etc. and have it secured to the ground, and drain without having to move it. There wasn’t room on our kitchen counter, so I had to lift the washer up and down each time. At least I got to practice proper lifting techniques! Next time, I’ll clear an area. Makes the process go a lot smoother.

Slowly release the lid on top to release the pressure from the vacuum. I would take the lid completely off, because this allows the washer to drain completely. When you insert the release valve, do so over a sink, bathtub, or outdoors. And wait. (If you had your washer secured, this would be a good time to get another load ready, fold laundry, hang up the last load, chase the kids, etc.)  Once drained, take off water release valve, add more water (I did cool water this time), secure the lid, and start spinning again! This time only around 30 seconds.

Once the thirty seconds are up, repeat draining process.

Since this only takes out the excess water, you will have to squeeze the water out of the clothes individually. There are some accessories I hope to obtain which would help with this process. Such as Lehman’s Our Good Wringer or DynaJet Hand Wringer Products. Until then, I’ll have to get creative.

Depending on the weather, you can hang them outside, or inside. (FYI, there is a method called freeze drying clothes.) Today I decied to go ahead and dry clothes outside. I have no clothesline, so I got the ladder out, and draped clothes whereever I could. (Keeping in mind where, because I didn’t want them to get dirty again.) Like I listed some hopeful wringer products, I also hope to try out these to dry clothes on; Lehman’s Economical Floor Clothes Dryer or Lehman’s Outdoor Spinning Clothes Dryer. Or a plain old clothesline 😉 (Click here for some interesting benefits on drying clothes outside!)

This week (even if the washer gets fixed) I plan on doing laundry ONLY with the Wonder Wash, to give it a full go. Later this week I’ll write up a follow-up post, letting you know how the first two loads I did today turned out, and my overall thoughts on the Washer given a full weeks use.


All in all, I really like the Wonder Washer! Granted, if you had a larger family, I would probably invest in something a little larger, or have many hands to do many loads at once, lol. For myself, this works fine. Considering how it doesn’t take long at all to do loads, it’s more energy efficient (for your wallet and your body 😉 ) to use this method. I also imagine it uses a lot less water! And if you use biodegradable, earth-friendly (homemade) detergents, I imagine you could just toss the water outside! Perhaps in your garden. (Do some research to check on safety before you actually do that.)

If you’re good at multitasking, you can easily take control of the time spent doing laundry this way, while getting the arm workout of your dreams. (I credit this phrase the a book I read long ago called Better Off: Flipping the Switch Off Technology. If you’re interested in Off the Grid living, consider checking out this book!) My Dad mentioned how I could watch something on TV while doing it, such as  videos from your YouTube Watchlist or Netflix Queue that has grown to massive proportions, or listen to audio books, sermons, or music that motivates/distracts you while you work.

It’s so awesome to have the opportunity to try out the Wonder Washer. I’ve been wanting to for so long, ever since I read that book I mentioned earlier!

If you’re considering finding an alternative to regular washer and dryers, you can also consider the Rapid Washer Plunger method (Homemade Version here), Lehman’s Home Queen Wringer Washer, Homemade Washing Kit, or the The James Washer.

I’m excited on my journey in dabbling in self-sufficiency, and Off the Grid lifestyle. But just a reminder..

“Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God..” 2 Corinthians 3:5

Give thanks and praise to the Lord for all that you do have, and what you are able to do. Whether you hand wash your clothes in the creek, or wash them in a brand new, fancy washing machine that does all the work for you. 😉

My journey is to become more responsible with what I am given; money, resources, time, and physical ability. To use what I am given in outlets other than convenience. But don’t become a martyr to yourself in your own journey to do so. Allow the Lord to guide you, and be smart.

If you’ve used the Wonder Washer, let me know what you think of it, and what your experience was! If you are a bystander and have questions, throw them at me, and I’ll try to answer you as best as I can!

Keep an eye out for a follow up post later this week!



  1. Hi there, it’s me again 🙂
    I discover the washer wonder thanks to you and i’m really interested in buying a device as this one because I don’t have any washing machine and don’t like to go to the laundry far away and spend so much money…
    So, did you find a way to dry your clothes shortly? I’m surprised because I’ve just found another review about the WW where the guy talks about a 2 hours drying (even shorter than a classic washing machine!), what do you think about it? If you want to have a look :

    1. I never did. I haven’t used it consistently since this post (unless I have an article of clothing that needed handwashed). The only thing I could think of would be to get drying racks, or lay it out in the sun.

      I’ll check out the video, thank you!

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