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This may be a little late, since school already started, but I will give it a whirl anyways. Who knows, they may be like my family and follow a completely different schooling schedule than the rest of the world.

Here are some books that I recommend for those that are homeschooled, unschooled, curious public schoolers, life learners, self-taught adults, college students, etc. Most of these are directed to all ages. I don’t follow any “age limits” or “grade levels” for books. When I was in fourth grade I read 8th grade level. Imagine if someone told me not to read something since it wasn’t “age appropriate” or “at my grade level.” Something to think about. Anyways, back to the subject.

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John Taylor Gatto is  a retired school teacher and an advocate of unschooling. He is a critic of compulsory schooling, and with his history of teaching in schools, he makes interesting points. Weapons of Mass Destruction was the first book that I read of him. It was during my journey of discovering unschooling and alternatives to schooling. He shares a lot of history in the book. Very educational. He shows how public schools started, and how they came to be now. And his case against him. In Dumbing Us Down he focuses on why compulsory schooling is detrimental to children. A must read book for those who are looking into educating their kids at home.

John Holt was a teacher, author, and educator. In his book Learning All The Time he shares how children are constantly learning, and why it should not be interrupted, and why it doesn’t stop as they get older. To learn more about the man, read The Underachieving School. It’s a collection of essays that he has written over his career about the education system. His books are a must read for potential homeschoolers.

I could not find any image of this book, nor biographical information on the author. But, I love this book, and I have yet to finish it. The authors name is Ronald Goss. The book I am talking about is The Lifelong Learner. This is what I want to be. A lifelong learners. This book is more geared to those who have already finished with their “formal” education. For the adults. But I love it all the same. They offer it at amazon, if you are curious.

I highly recommend this book for those who want to know if unschooling would be a “Christian” thing to do. When I discovered unschooling, and told it was unchristian, I found this book. They make great points, though I cannot say I agree with them 100%, but it is a great resource. It’s small and handy. too.


I am not a mother, homemaker, or wife, but I can recommend this book for those who will be, aspiring to be, or who are. Mary Ostyn, the author, is a wife and a mother of 10, which she homeschools. She gives support to those who have a large family, who might feel alienated in a world of parents who limit themselves to two or three kids. This is also a small handy book, with great graphics in my opinion. She covers the topics of money, parenting, school, and more. It’s short, so for the busy moms out there you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by it.

I haven’t read this book, but it is recommended by an adult friend who has been married for 25 years and has three kids, all who were homeschooled. Her mother gave this book to her, and when she saw that I had a copy from the library her eyes lit up and she smiled from the memories. She said this really helped her. It was published in the year of 1971, so it may be “old fashioned” but still a great help. She covers the “aesthetics” of homemaking. She covers the subjects of decorating, cooking, gardening, and etc. It is thinner than the book above, so it’s not a very long read. A “casual” book if I may say so.

This book is recommended everywhere I look. And I am one of them. She shows the real truth of nutrition and food. A must read for all soon to be/mothers out there, and anyone else for that matter. This book is a thick one, so you may want to buy a copy if you feel confident enough to do so. (Spend the money that is, this book is great.) My library lends books for two weeks, and with my schedule I’ll need a longer time than that. But I just keep checking it out. Sally Fallon (with help from Mary G. Enig Ph. D.) wrote this book. As it explains on the cover, it is a “..Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats.” Oh, how I love that. Want to know the truth about cholesterol? And carbohydrates? This is the book for you.


Written by Andrew Weil, M.D., Natural Health, Natural Medicine is a very informative. He splits the book in four sections; Preventive Medicine, Specific Prevention: Outwitting the Killers, Basic Natural Treatments, and a Treasure of Home Remedies for Common Ailments. I’ve only just begun to read it, but I find this book to be extremely useful. Once I finish and make the final decision, this may get a place on my ‘To Buy’ list. He focuses on lifestyle instead of diets, he shares information on how to eat out or cook in a healthy way, and his home remedies make sense are recommended by others. Definitely something to check out.


I spotted this book while looking through the online catalog on my local libraries website. I was very interested. I myself was worried that I was becoming “liberal” or steering on the wrong path since most conservatives do not share the same values as me. My relatives even commented that I was very “gypsy” like. I took it as a compliment though. This book addressed my problems. He explained how they were very “liberal like” in some ways, but still had conservative values. People commented and said “that’s rather liberal like.” Haha. This book is for those out there who are rather hippie-ish but still hold conservative values. I have yet to finish this book, but it is a good read. The only thing I disagree with is they are trying to save the Republican party, while I do not. (Not a fan of the two party system.)
By the way, it was later on that I actually gave myself the title “Crunchy Conservative.” It is listed as my political view on Facebook. Check into it.

There you have it. I hope you enjoyed the recommendations! I do not own all of these, most of them were borrowed from the library. My wallet doesn’t allow me to buy all of them. Ha.

If you have any recommendations for me or comments for the list of books above, please say so in the comment bar below.


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  1. just happened upon your site because of a book review… very classy and personable 🙂

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