“No Poo” Method: Official Check Up #1

I have been following the “No Poo” method of washing my hair for a while now. I can’t exactly remember when I started, but it has been at least six or eight months. Quite a gap, I know.
The fact that shampoos contained terrible chemicals that could harm your health and your hair is was got me looking into making my own shampoos. A lot of what I found seemed hard and contained a lot of expensive-looking ingredients in it. But finally I saw that you could wash your hair with baking soda. That was cheap, I knew that much. I found that you could use it as a dry shampoo, but it was best to have something acidic to follow up on, since baking soda can get stuck in your hair, plus it conditioned and cleaned. Apple Cider Vinegar was recommended. It was a while later, though, did I find out about the “No Poo” method, and the radical side of it.
I tried it has a wet shampoo at first. My hair was greasy for a while, but that didn’t surprise me, since the articles that I read said it was expected. I ran into some bumps in the road. My hair balanced out for a little while, but then I noticed “an oil slick” on the back of my head, and baking soda getting stuck in my hair. I tried using more ACV, but my hair became really greasy. I switched to a dry shampoo, and it seemed to work, but once again baking soda began to accumulate in my hair. I got teased by family members because if it, and they tried to tell me to try using commercial shampoo’s again. I wasn’t going to give up that easily! And if anything it made me stubborn into getting good results and making this work.

Finally, after all these months, I have found a formula that works for me. I finally feel like I have mastered and achieved the results that I have been working for. 😀

The Very Simple and Extremely Cheap Shampoo:


  • Shampoo:
    • Baking Soda
    • Water
  • Conditioner:
    • Apple Cider Vinegar or White Vinegar (whichever you prefer, I use whatever is in stock.)
    • Water

To Make the Shampoo:

1. Take 2 tablespoons of baking soda and put it in a cup/spray bottle/used and carefully cleaned out shampoo bottle. Feel it up with water. To have a more precise measurement, use 1 tbsp. of baking soda per cup of water.
2.  To use: Pour/Spray baking soda directly on the scalp. Not too much, use just enough. Massage into hair. You should be able to see white foam forming. It’s almost like a realy shampoo! Rinse.

To Make the Conditioner:

1. Same as above. 🙂 It’s that easy.
2. Same as above, but pour on the body of hair, not the scalp. Massage and let sit for a few minutes. For best results, live it in as long as you can. Rinse.

These are the measurements and directions I follow for my hair. I find that I only wash my hair once every four to five days. It’s that good. Occasionally I’ll have a greasy spot, and when that happens I spot wash. 🙂 It’s smart to still get your hair wet while in the shower, since one of the best conditioners for the hair is water. 😉 And another part of this process is to drink water! It’s a full time job to get great hair. Ha.
You may have to tweak this recipe to make it work for you, but that is normal. Everyone is different. Like it is with education, growing up, etc. Everyone has their own way and own needs.

I have been doing this for two weeks, and like I have stated above, it has worked great. I love my hair. It doesn’t get tangled anymore. I feel like one of those girls in the Pantene commercial. But my hair isn’t chemical laden with cancer causing ingredients.

Good luck to all that are trying out! Leave comments if you have any questions, or just something to say.


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